If possible, please email claire on  the day before you want to visit to reserve your table and time-slot, and order your food.

Hot Food

All our sausage patties and bacon are from our own free-range, rare-breed pigs; eggs are from our free-range, heritage hens; fresh vegetables, salad and fruit are from our kitchen garden.

Buns and bread are from the Cake Shop Bakery, Woodbridge as is the marvelous Firestation coffee – roasted onsite.

Blue Rabbit Buns

  • The Usual – bacon, sausage and egg in a bun          £6.5

  • Bacon bun          £6.5

  • Sausage bun      £5.00

  • Egg (x2) bun      £3.50 (v)

All with home-grown salad leaves and/or tomatoes when in season (if you want)

  • Add extra egg for 50p



  • Eggs (scrambled or fried) on sourdough £4.5
    • with bacon £7.5
    • with sausage £6
    • sausage and bacon £9
  • French Toast (with seasonal home-grown fruit compote) £4.5

    • with bacon £7.5
    • with sausage £6
    • sausage and bacon £9
      • add maple syrup £1
  • Pancakes (with seasonal home-grown fruit compote ad maple syrup) £5.5
    • with bacon £8.5
    • with sausage £7
    • sausage+bacon £10
  • Big Breakfast: sausage, bacon, eggs (scrambled/fried), toast £9
  • Broadbean hummus on toast (v) £4.5

    • add eggs for £1
  • Organic mature cheese toastie  £4.5
  • Toast with home-made jam or honey £2

All with home-grown salad or fried tomatoes when in season (if you want).



All home-made by Claire using organic ingredients and home-grown fruit and honey. An ever-changing selection of the following cakes including vegan (v), gluten-free (g/f) and dairy-free (d/f) cakes

  • Slice of cake £2-£3
  • Cakes by the 1/4 for takeaway £6-£7
  • Traybakes and muffins £1.50 per piece
  • Cookies £1




Coffee is from the Firestation Roastery in Woodbridge

  • Small Cafetiere £2.00

  • Large Cafetiere (for 2) £4.00

  • Pot of tea £1.50 per person

  • Hot Chocolate £2
  • Home-made mint tea £1.50

  • Home-made, foraged elderflower cordial 50p

  • Home-made, blackcurrant cordial 50p
  • Orange or apple juice £1.50

  • San Pellegrino Limonata/Blood Orange/Pomegranate and Orange  £1.50

Also daily specials



Gluten-free and vegan options available – call or email for more information.


eggs and salad

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