Hot Food

All our sausages and bacon are from our own free-range, rare-breed pigs; eggs are from our free-range, heritage hens, fresh vegetables, salad and fruit are from our kitchen garden.

Buns are from the Cake Shop Bakery, Woodbridge

  • Bacon, sausage and egg in a bun          £6.50

  • Bacon bun          £6.00

  • Sausage bun      £5.00

  • Egg (x2) bun      £3.50 (v)

All with home-grown salad leaves (if you want)

Savoury Pastries

All served with home-grown salad and chilli jam

  • Turkish borek – cheesy filo pastries £3.50 (v)

  • Sausage roll          £4


All home-made using organic ingredients and home-grown fruit and honey

  • Brownie £2.50 (g/f)

  • Honey and oat bar £2

  • Muffin £1.60

  • Amaretti biscuit £1.50 (g/f; d/f)


Coffee is from the Firestation roastery in Woodbridge

  • Small Cafetiere £1.50

  • Large Cafetiere (for 2) £3.00

  • Pot of tea £1.20

  • Home-made mint tea £1.20

  • Home-made foraged elderflower cordial £1.20
  • Organic orange and apple juice £1.50

  • Limonata £1.50


Also daily specials

Gluten-free and vegan options available – call or email for information.

g/f = gluten free; v = vegetarian; d/f = dairy free

eggs and salad

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