uh hello

I am a cheese-maker, organic gardener, beekeeper, shepherd, goat-herder and cook with big, slightly crazy and rather chaotic dreams.  The Blue Rabbit Cafe serves home-made, home-grown food from my smallholding in Shottisham. All the meat, eggs, honey, fruit and vegetables I serve are grown here – food metres not miles. I am aiming for small-scale, sustainable, environmentally friendly food production.

I always wanted a cafe, but I accidentally became an Ottoman historian instead. I am still a part-time (epistemologically-reluctant)  historian, but now I have finally opened my cafe. I now juggle writing books and teaching at a university with growing food and cooking for the cafe.

For more information on the smallholding see my blog Smallholding Dreams

Come and visit the animals and see where the vegetables are grown.




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