Blue Rabbit Cafe

We are currently closed for the rest of this year – the blue rabbit is getting a new hip! We will re-open in the spring 2021


We are an outside café and all tables will be spaced far apart. Our menus are on blackboards (and here). If possible, please email claire on  the day before you want to visit to reserve your table and time-slot, and order your food. If you haven’t pre-ordered, please decide what you want to order before approaching the food truck. Payment by contactless card is preferred. Hand sanitizer is available. Queue at a safe distance and be considerate to other customers.

Delicious, home-grown, home-made food from the Blue Rabbit Smallholding – a farm to fork experience

  • all bacon and sausages are from our free-range, rare-breed pigs
  • all eggs are from our very free-range flock of heritage chickens
  • all fresh vegetables, salad and fruit are from our kitchen garden
  • home-made cakes (incl. gluten-free and vegan)

Come and have a coffee and some food and then wander round and visit the animals

Open Saturday and Sunday for breakfast, brunch and coffee & cake 8.30-11.30am April-October.   School holidays open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8.30-11.30am April-October

Click here for more details about the pop-up cake shop Claire runs.

We also sell sausages and bacon from our own rare-breed pigs – £4 for a pack of 6 sausages; £21kg for streaky bacon and £23kg for back bacon.

We sell our own very free-range eggs too £1.50 for 1/2 doz

Follow us on Instagram @blue_rabbit_smallholding to keep up with news and developments. You can also keep up with baby goat news while we are closed.

Email Claire for details

flower salad.jpg

Just as a little aside we also have the bestest customers ever …..


These lovely people just collected all these eggs from my naughty hens (who had laid them in their tents), brought them to the cafe and I cooked them up for their breakfast – very fresh, very local, very free-range!